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The Report for thatsbuddies 
3rd-May-2009 05:13 pm
"Well, obviously, given my report, certain steps will be taken," Stevens told him after talking through her report with him. Well, at him was probably a better way to put it, as Welsh had done little more than nod occasionally and look like he wanted a hole appear under his chair and swallow him up. Perhaps it already did and this was hell. "But I believe we can safely take Detective Kowalski off suspension."

Welsh's eyebrow quirked at the 'we'. Despite it being procedure to have consulted her, that was all it was, a consultation. It was up to Welsh. It was his department. Shrinks. Still, he agreed with her. "I'll bring him in."

"I think I should be there," Stevens continued. "To offer support. To both sides."

"We're grown men, Doctor," Welsh grumbled. 

"Well, I realise that," Stevens assured him quickly. "But this is a rather delicate situation."

"Delicate." Welsh treated the word with derision. Now who's being homophobic? Didn't he hear something about that being the worst kind of prejudice? At least with the other kind, you can punch back.

"Perhaps 'unique' is a better word?"

"Fine, Doctor."
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